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Discover an Alternate Method to the Advancement of Personal Growth and Self Help…By Listening to Subliminal MP3’s!

From The Desk Of: Customer Support Hello & Welcome to, your instant hypnosis-subliminal MP3 messages and download center. We are proud to offer hypnosis recordings on MP3 or CD using positive suggestions of Music and / or Ocean Waves.

We also carry a lot more MP3 downloads and subliminal messages which cater to all aspects of life dealing with the most profound issues, fears and phobias. If you are like most people, cognizant of your own problems in life then you are able to reap big rewards in fixing those problems. We have the fastest and simplest solution!

Did you know?

Subliminal hypnosis is a tool that helps an individual just like you in achieving personal growth and improvement.
Finally with our products by your side you can aim high and overcome:

Bad Habits

Fears & Social Phobias

Low Self Esteem

Low Self Confidence & Much More!

Unlike hypnosis, subliminal hypnosis does not require your attention and no order or command has to be followed. You simply download the subliminal message and audio track that relates to the issue or situation in your life with which you want to change, play it on your computer, ipod or iphone and let the power of the mind work! There’s no limit to how you can listen to these messages. Feel free to burn them to a CD if you wish and listen to it regularly on your way to work; many people do this every day. It’s way better than talk radio!

Subliminal Hypnosis?

Sounds like a form of “therapy” where you have to follow the orders and commands of a doctor huh? While I can see the merit in the first impression I can assure you that ‘Subliminal Hypnosis’ is a type of hypnosis (which occurs without induction into a state of negation) using NLP and direct approach affirmations. Each subliminal recording uses a different sound technology and then normal audio recording to speak directly to your subconscious mind and unlocking the barriers which restrain you in your life.

What are affirmations?

Surely you’ve heard audio tapes or seen movies on TV where the guy is driving down the street and the speaker on the box is saying, “Now, repeat after me, I am great! I am wonderful!” You’ve seen or heard of this right? Well these are affirmations. When you mix the intention of solving a problem with auto-suggestion and constant repeated instruction of your desire for change, you invoke the mind in the sense that it rids itself of evil and negative thoughts which are the foundation of 99.9% of all fears and phobias.

Okay, so how does this whole thing work?

Since there is no waiting for your order to be shipped, no shipping at all and no physical products to receive, you can simply choose the product title you are interested in, play a sample for your enjoyment, purchase the MP3, download it directly to your computer and get started in the transition of your life right away! Once you order you will receive a download link or you can log into your account and download your product. You will be redirected to download link to get started immediately.

Self-Improvement is a Private Business

To some “therapy” is embarrassing to speak of amongst our friends and family. Using any alternative method for self-help and personal growth is somewhat frowned upon in society which has been led to believe that traditional methods are the only way out of the trap. Fact is, we live in a society where people face a constant entourage of problems in their daily lives. Some people lead very stressful lives! It isn’t your fault! Life is like a game of poker, you sometimes get good cards and you definitely get bad cards. How you deal with the bad cards is what makes or breaks you as an individual. Rather than feel ashamed of your life and the failures that you have witnessed, you now have a way to find your weaknesses and make that area of your life stronger than ever before! That is why we at exist because we work to help people like you who are able to use self-improvement methods rather than spend a lot of time and money on so called “professionals” who really just tell you what you already know.

How long are the tracks normally?

All Hypnosis  tracks run approximately 25 minutes -two tracks. Imagine what one hour could do in your life on a positive note? It is our mission to provide a safe and secure way for you to get on the fast track to personal growth and self help!

If you want subliminal please visit our sister website

However subliminal it doesn’t take up your time like hypnosis does. Each track is made at least 30 minutes long to help our customer play without interruption. Many customer complain that 10 minutes track are annoying as they need to be looped often and some player do not have this option.

Everyone has weak areas…

Scanning our database of titles will help you hit home in some way as to what your problem is and what you can do about it. It doesn’t matter whether you are black, white, asian, from Spain or the Middle East. Whether you’re a mechanic, nurse, driver, doctor, manager or whatever! We all suffer from time to time in one way or another. Here is where the pain stops! Don’t let pride stand in the way of you conquering personal weaknesses.
Instead, take the bull by the horns and take control of your destiny with Subliminal messages that are geared and designed to give you relief from your life’s most troubled areas and conditions.

We are very proud of you…

That’s right! I am very proud of you for getting this far. Whether you choose a different alternative method for overcoming your problems and fears or if you choose to purchase from us, we are very happy that you are willing and wanting to make better of your life. This is why we choose the music that we do. We believe in music as a healing force and our force is considered the best!

“Before I discovered I was afraid of flying. I spent an hour listening to soothing subliminal message and one week later I found myself boarding a plane and thinking nothing of it. I owe that to you!” -John Wiseman USA

Most people are exactly alike in some way, at least in the sense that they won’t go or call for help until the pain is unbearable or the internal problems are taking over their lives. We give you the power to be your own counsel. Be your own doctor!

May we suggest music?

Make music a part of your daily existence because it really is a natural healing force. Although it heals on a small scale it makes a world of difference in your mood during the day. Our products come with under-lying subliminal messages in the music that target a variety of symptoms while making a positive impact on your life. Our customers are repeat and loyal because they claim repeatedly that they greatly benefit from the subliminal experience and the soothing sounds of music and ocean waves. In fact, most come back for more because they experience incredible gains in their lives.

Isn’t it time for you to experience?

If you’re the type of person that would never consider alternative medicine or audio as a method for getting relief from internal and mental pain, please, just try us out. If you don’t like it we’ll either replace the audio you have with one that really suits your needs or we’ll refund your money back to you. Feel free to browse our MP3 product titles and descriptions at your leisure. I’ll bet there’s a solution in there somewhere to some problem in your life that can bump up your confidence, performance and happiness! 

A word of advice…

Beware of copycats who claim to offer similar products. To our knowledge we are the first to offer these subliminal recordings. Do not get tricked by other sellers. There is no such thing as STI or Subliminal Teaching Institute. There is also no such company by the name of Subliminal Specialists PHD or any organizations with similar fancy names. This is your only resource online to finally overcome your fears, phobias and most profound personal issues which are preventing you from living a happier and more fulfilling life.