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Terms and Conditions

The subliminal we sell as it is. You have a chance to play a sample. Subliminal MP3 are instant downloads. Purchasing any MP3 is Final, and no refund can be made. Please think well before you buy.
We do not imply any medical benefits, and if you have a medical problem, please consult your doctor.
Subliminal Ocean Waves is recorded with Delta Waves and is dangerous to be played while driving or operating machinery. Please remember this before you buy.

The self help Mp3 Subliminal on this site are not intended to be a substitute for therapy or professional advice.
Please do not play the Ocean Waves while driving.
All the positive affirmation are posted in the description product.
Subliminal it is not a quick fix tool.
 All product have subliminal on background if you have seizure avoid playing subliminal.

We verify that our mp3s are free of viruses, use an antivirus software to protect yourself. We are not be made responsable for any damages to your computer.

Subliminal should not be used on other person that the one willing to change.

For our mission statement and money back guarntee read : Our Mission Statement in Sprudio

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